Patrick Beverley Gives Blunt Response To LeBron James Question

The Los Angeles Lakers traded for Patrick Beverley and he will have a chance to play with LeBron James for the very first time in his NBA career. It’s a great opportunity for the NBA veteran mostly because he has a bigger chance to win a title. Well, Beverley made a shocking comment about his new season with the Lakers.

The newly-added NBA guard mentioned this during his post-workout press conference. Reporters asked a lot of questions about his new deal with the Lakers. It was all fun and games until he received a question about LBJ and Anthony Davis. What does he think about this? What does he think of playing with these two?

“They’ll be playing with me,” Beverley said. “I made the playoffs last year, they didn’t. There’s a difference. I’m glad we get a chance to play with each other.”

Did Patrick Beverley disrespect LeBron James?

Oh, my, LeBron’s fans won’t like any of this. It was a really disrespectful comment. Beverley acts like he’s about to play against LeBron, not with him. It’s interesting to note that Beverley wasn’t even the biggest contributor to the game. His team made the playoffs, but he wasn’t the best player on the roster. He was just a loud trash-talker.

Beverley did admit that he is excited to share the floor with LeBron. He tried to water down the whole thing.

“I have known Bron since I was a baby, a rookie in this league, so obviously I want to play with him,” Beverley added.

The Lakers acquired Beverley in order to elevate the defense. He will add nice depth, but he won’t solve each and every problem on their roster. Rob Pelinka has to find a better solution and draft experts have made several proposals for the team. LA may call the Utah Jazz and get some of their players. They can also contact the New York Knicks. NBA teams would gladly get Russell Westbrook, but they all want Pelinka to add some first-round picks to the trade offer.