Lakers Star LeBron James Reacts To Russell Westbrook Performance Off Bench

The Los Angeles Lakers were advised to trade Russell Westbrook, but the veteran is doing a great job off the bench. It’s a new role for the one-time NBA MVP and many thought he’d never accept it. Things changed and Westbrook followed Darvin Ham’s guidelines. Bench role? Why not?

There were many rumors about the alleged tension between Westbrook and LeBron James. Truth is, the four-time NBA champion was one of Russ’ fans. He was a true supporter who trusted in Westbrook’s potential. Yes, Brodie made some mistakes and shot a few bricks, but LeBron didn’t leave his side. Moreover, King James insists that Westbrook is a good fit for the team.

Russell Westbrook embraced his bench role

Westbrook may be on the trade block at the moment, but he did a decent job in the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. He delivered 18 points, eight rebounds, and three assists. His stats didn’t help the Lakers win though. LA added another loss to the chart.

LeBron watched his teammate perform and his comments were priceless. He really likes Russ and everything he brings to the floor.

“He was great,” LeBron told the media. “He was great all game.” According to LeBron, Westbrook’s effort and his energy “catapulted” the team’s overall effort in the game.

Westbrook promised to do his best for the team and that’s exactly what he did in the game. He promised to “sacrifice whatever it is that needs to be sacrificed.” This was probably a reference to his bench role.

The Lakers have to start winning games otherwise Westbrook will definitely be the first player to leave the team. Rob Pelinka may be looking for trade partners and he may soon call the Utah Jazz.

“From Day 1, I mentioned I’m the guy that’s willing to do whatever for the team,” Westbrook said. “I’ll sacrifice whatever it is that needs to be sacrificed — parts of my game that I’ve done for years to accommodate whatever it is that the coach needs me to do, and I’ll continue to do that.”