Patriots WR Called Out By Former Tight End For ‘Pathetic’ Effort

The New England Patriots were advised to make some major changes to their roster. Head coach Bill Belichick didn’t go crazy in the offseason and kept his struggling players in New England. Nelson Agholor is one of these players. He signed a two-year deal with the Patriots, but his average performance confused a lot of fans. Things didn’t go any better for the veteran this season. Agholor did a decent job in the summer and many thought he’d do a better job in 2022. Well, the Patriots WR is now called out for the mistake he made in the game against the New York Jets.

Former tight end Christian Fauria added fuel to the fire. Fauria criticized Agholor for his “pathetic” blocking effort on a play that resulted in an incompletion. The WEEI personality said Agholor was selfish and “too worried about getting into the route.”

The Patriots WR is called out after a mediocre performance

NFL experts discussed a potential trade deal between the Patriots and other NFL teams. Belichick can easily find a trade partner who will find great use for the veteran receiver. Yes, he had a week performance in 2021, but his great talent and experience make him a good target. Agholor is a talented player and he may be just a bad fit for the Patriots scheme.

The Patriots can save $9.9 million in cap space if they trade Agholor. If they don’t find a trade partner, they can always release him and save $4.9 million. Belichick will probably try to get good assets for Agholor.

Losing Agholor won’t be such a bad idea after all. The Patriots have Jakobi Meyers, DeVante Parker, Tyquan Thornton, and Kendrick Bourne on the roster. Tre Nixon and Lil’Jordan Humphrey can jump into game action whenever Belichick calls their name.

Belichick doesn’t mind cutting talented players whenever they fail to do their job. Agholor won’t be the best player to leave the team after a bad season.

The Patriots may shake things up and revamp their roster before the second half of the regular season. Agholor’s performance can make things a lot easier for the team.