Lakers’ Austin Reaves Admits He’s Surprised By West Rival ‘Random’ Trade

The Golden State Warriors shocked the NBA world with their Chris Paul trade. Los Angeles Lakers star Austin Reaves did not see this trade coming and his rival has definitely added great power to the roster.

“That was random. I was actually doing, me and my brother had kid camp, back home, basketball camp, and one of the coaches that was there, he like ran across the gym and told me. I was like, you’re probably looking at the wrong—I think there’s like butt-crack sports or something that always puts out false stuff—but he was like, ‘No,’ so I don’t know, that was strange.”

Reaves knows that his rival would try to get the best of this trade

Well, Reaves still believes that the Warriors will find the best way to use Paul. He is an experienced veteran who knows how to win games. Will Paul fit in their roster? Who knows…

“I think they can figure it out,” Reaves said. “Because I think they’re both two very unselfish guys that really just want to win.”

DeMarcus Cousins is equally surprised. He doesn’t seem to understand the whole idea behind this trade. Why did the Warriors trade for Paul? They have Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson on the floor. Will this trade elevate their performance? Let’s not forget that the Lakers eliminated the Warriors from the playoff race last season. In the series against the Warriors, Reaves averaged 14.3 points and made 54.2% of his 3-point shots.

“I didn’t understand the Chris Paul trade. Then I looked at it as if maybe this is just a contract thing,” Cousins said. “Maybe they want to free up the books for the next season. But as far as it being about basketball, the X’s and O’s on the court, I don’t really see that elevating the Golden State Warriors, to be honest.”

NBA teams have made some big moves this offseason and the Lakers decided to move on with the majority of their roster. The Phoenix Suns delivered the second biggest surprise by adding Bradley Beal to their squad.