This Patriots-Giants Bill Belichick Conspiracy Theory Is Deliciously Ridiculous

The New England Patriots have a 2-8 record at this point of the NFL season. NFL analysts targeted quarterback Mac Jones and head coach Bill Belichick as the only culprits for the frustrating season. Coach B sits on the hot seat again and his potential departure from New England is making the biggest headlines these days. Will team owner Robert Kraft let him go? We have a new theory linking Belichick to the New York Giants.  

Patriots are in their bye week, but rumors spread like wildfire. Belichick won’t let things slip down his hands even if struggles continue. He wouldn’t reveal much in his sessions with the media.

If the Patriots plan to cut ties with Belichick, he could easily find a home somewhere else. He has been linked to several teams and New York may be his next destination.

Belichick to join Giants in 2024?

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy discussed Belichick’s situation with the Patriots. He claims that the head coach is not trying to tank the season. His theory may be wild, but it makes sense for some fans.

“Over the past 10 days, there have been rumors of Bill taking over the (Washington) Commanders, (Los Angeles) Chargers, (Dallas) Cowboys or Giants next season,” Shaughnessy wrote. “Which leads us to a ridiculous conspiracy theory regarding next weekend’s Stupor Bowl between the Patriots and Giants: If Bill knows he’s going to be coaching the Giants next year, he’d be helping himself greatly by coaching the Patriots to a win. It would move him a step closer to Shula, while keeping the Giants ahead of the Patriots in the draft order.

“Imagine that.

Bill playing chess while everybody else is playing checkers.

Will Belichick agree to sign a contract with the Giants and coach them in 2024? We wouldn’t even imagine this in the wildest NFL scenario. Could Belichick be trying to win games to destroy the chances Patriots have in the upcoming draft? This is wild and crazy at the same time.