Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant Gives His Word About The Future Of Luke Walton

Everyone is so interested in Luke Walton’s future suddenly, and Lakers legend Kobe Bryant has a few words to say about it.

The Los Angeles Lakers lost the match to the Minnesota Timberwolves last night, and this was their fifth loss in six games played without King James. Fans are frustrated, and call for the head of head coach Walton. It is more than obvious that LeBron has a huge role in the team, and the young players are unable to win without him. LeBron actually brought LA as high as third in the Western Conference. Kobe Bryant posted a cryptic message on his Twitter account which read, “thankunext.”

One of the fans jumped in to reply, “Tell that to Luke Walton,” suggesting that the legend wanted the head coach gone.

However, Bryant did not wait for too long before defending his former teammate and calling for patience. “Relax,” he replied.

“Entire squad is damn near out. were playing pretty well before that #gethealthy #lakerfam.”

Bryant pointed to the fact that the team is dealing with an injury crisis. Veteran Rajon Rondo and Kyle Kuzma are receiving a treatment, too. Once the key players come back to the field, Walton will be free of all the pressure on his shoulders.

Brandon Igram is in the focus of everyone. Lonzo Ball is here, too. These two will have  to do magic to help the team get out of that hole.

Ball did not score any points int he game against the Timberwolves and is well aware of the fact that he has got to improve.

“We’re down a lot of scorers right now. I’ve got to pick up that load. Obviously, I didn’t’ do it tonight. I got to pick it up tomorrow,” he said.

Let’s see if Walton will “survive” this crisis.

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