Report: Tom Brady Enjoys Cold Weather Before Divisional Round

Patriots always play their playoff football in cold weather. However, their opponents are not really used to freezing temperatures. The Los Angeles Chargers had their sessions in perfect weather, and now they may be playing in snow!

The New England Patriots are gearing up for their AFC Divisional Round game with the Chargers. Thursday’s session was a bit tough due to the cold weather. According to the weather forecast, Sunday’s game will be played in similar conditions.

“I just think the ability to practice in it like today,” quarterback Tom Brady said Friday. “It’s very similar to what we’re going to get on Sunday so just knowing again, how many layers you’ve got to put on and how you’re going to feel. We didn’t have the nice, warm heated benches out there like we will on Sunday.

Tom Brady is used to the cold weather

“It’s cold and that’s just part of this time of year. But it’s good to be playing when it’s cold out. It’s good to be playing this time of year in Foxborough. The weather changed a little bit yesterday. It snowed at the start and then got sunny and then got cloudy, then got windy, then got sunny and it’s just a bunch of different things. Just to practice in it, we’re prepared for it and hopefully we can use some of the things we’ve learned to our advantage.”

The Patriots enjoyed their bye week, but the regular season finale was more than great.

“This is the time of year we’ve got to go out and be at our best,” Brady said. “It all comes down to this. It’s a production-based league and regardless of what’s happened to this point, it’s about winning this game. If you don’t play great, really in all three phases – any time you play good teams, you can’t expect one phase of your team to carry you. It’s got to be a great complementary game. We’re playing against a team that’s played as well as any team all season. We want to go out and play well as an offense. Our defense has to play well. We have to play well in the kicking game. Everybody’s kind of at the point of attack.”

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