ESPN Places LeBron Ahead Of Klay Thompson In Best Shooters Of The Decade

Lakers star LeBron James is one of the best basketball players to ever play the game. He’s got many skills, and that’s what makes him the GOAT. According to ESPN’s Kirk Goldsberry, LeBron is one of the best shooters in the league. He is better shooter than Klay Thompson and many other players.

Goldsberry explains that it has something to do with LeBron’s offensive arsenal. LeBron doesn’t like to talk about his achievements, despite the fact that he has so much to talk about. His achievement is better than the success of most basketball players.

“Nobody scored more points in the 2010s than LeBron James, and he absolutely owned the paint,” Goldsberry wrote.

“Unlike the decade’s other breakout superstars, James’ scoring efficiency is mostly limited to one area. But that one area is the most vital spot in the sport. Despite the massive growth of 3-point scoring, shots around the rim still produce the biggest return on investment in the game.

“Perhaps the decade’s most staggering scoring stat reveals just how dominant the decade’s best player was in the sport’s most important zone. Check this out:

“James led the NBA in total paint scoring and ranked No. 2 in paint efficiency out of 227 players with at least 1,500 attempts the past 10 seasons. Yep, that’s crazy. While interior shooting is an entirely different skill from jump-shooting, James is the Steph Curry of close-range buckets:

“Dwight Howard ranked No. 2 in the NBA in the 2010s by converting a whopping 3,796 field goals within 8 feet of the basket. James made 4,434! During the 2010s, 152 NBA players converted at least 1,000 field goals within 8 feet of the basket. Of that group, James ranked No. 1 in FG%, converting a ridiculous 69.2% of his shots.

“It’s fair to say that James is just an average jump-shooter; he made only 38.3% of his shots beyond 8 feet during the 2010s. But it’s impossible to argue that the decade’s leading scorer has an offensive formula that’s anything short of awesome.”

LeBron and the Lakers missed the playoffs last season. But, they are definitely ready for some serious basketball in the 2019-20 season.

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