Look: LeBron James, Kevin Durant Headline SI’s NBA All-Decade First Team

Sports Illustrated took a look back at some of the best basketball players of the decade. You are already guessing, right? LeBron James is on the top, and Kevin Durant is behind next to him.

According to Sports Illustrated, LeBron is the best player of the decade and probably the best player of all time. You can’t put LeBron’s brilliance in one sentence. Take a look at his game, and you will soon realize that he has a sharp skillset.

“LeBron’s last decade feels like multiple lifetimes. From 2011–2013 especially, James was on a different astral plane than every other player in the NBA. He was toying with basketball. Remember when he tried to score 30 points a night on 60% shooting just because he needed something to do during the regular season? Remember when he closed out Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook with a triple double to win his first Finals? Remember when he saved the Heat and the Big Three with his monumental Game 6 on the road in Boston? Or how about his Finals-clinching shot in Game 7 of an epic series against the Spurs?”

SI also mentioned The Block. They say it was the most breathtaking play of the millennium, adding that it was a “superhuman display of effort and determination.” Yes, we know this was one of the greatest Finals comeback ever.

LeBron made eight straight Finals. “Whether you loved or hated LeBron, he provided you with incredible moment after incredible moment. He gave you something to talk about. He made you feel passionately about him one way or another. And any adversity in his career only made his highlights stand out that much more. We’re really all just lucky to have been alive at the same time as LeBron James.”

LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers missed the playoffs last season. But, they have a bunch of new players on the roster this season, including Anthony Davis. The superstar is positive about the upcoming season, and Davis is ready for a title. It will be a big season for both players. Will they make the Finals?

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