Antonio Brown’s Latest Instagram Ends Speculation Of Patriots Return

The Patriots have been struggling in the past few games. Their offense seems to be at a stand still. Tom Brady is keeping them moving as much as he can but with what he has, there is only so much he can do.

They are in desperate need for some more options in the receiver department. Other than Julian Edleman, there are very few options for QB12 to throw it to. Now, perhaps without reason, there have been a few reports that Antonio Brown and the Patriots have a mutual agreement to come back.

But it seems like Brown’s latest Instagram story might have finally put those rumors to bed once and for all.

We all remember what got Brown in trouble in the first place. There were several harassment allegations against him and he was seeming to lose control of his life outside of football.

Now he puts this on Instagram, calling out his former boss Robert Craft.

So even with his recent apology, it looks like any ground that had been made has now been lost once again.

Brown would be a great addition to the struggling New England offense. They are currently in desperate need for a deep threat down the field which right now, they simply do not have.

Brady was clear with what he thought of the performance last night.

“Just execution, just have to do a better job. It’s tough to get behind and come back. We put ourselves in a pretty deep hole and you can’t do that on the road,” Brady said after the game. “We didn’t get the job done. A loss is a loss, and learn from it and try to move on to next week.”

If this team digs themselves a hole, it is going to be hard to climb out of with the current roster. Even with the struggles on offense, it is looking more and more like Antonio Brown is not going to come to the rescue.

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