Max Kellerman Offers Rather Conflicted Take On Patriots’ Game Vs. Bills

Max Kellerman is probably loudest critics of the New England Patriots. He doesn’t like Tom Brady, and he definitely doesn’t like the Patriots. The Patriots offense sure gives him enough reasons to talk. New England struggled with the offense, and even Brady showed his frustrations with the players. The Patriots are playing the Buffalo Bills, and Kellerman gave his take on the game.

According to him, the Patriots will defeat their Week 16 opponents to secure the 11th straight AFC East title. Of course, he made the claims with a dose of skepticism. He also said that Bills quarterback Josh Allen will outplay TB12 on Saturday.

“I don’t think of either Tom Brady or Josh Allen as offensive powerhouses, but at least Josh Allen’s a dual-threat quarterback, which we see in the NFL. If you don’t have a lot of offensive help nowadays, you better be a dual-threat quarterback,” Kellerman said. “It’s interesting because if the Bills win this game, that will signal something new, because the division’s on the line. Could you imagine with the Patriots fielding an all-world defense this year — you could say, ‘Well, Brady doesn’t have this and that.’ Yeah, but still, they have Tom Brady and an all-world defense and Bill Belichick, and they lose the division to the Bills? That doesn’t happen. That’ll signal a sea change.

“And so I’m not actually picking the Bills to win the game, because Belichick now has a rematch. It’s bad enough going up against Belichick in the first place. Now he has film on you, so to speak. He has something he can study up on. … I think Belichick and Brady will figure out a way to have the game won, but if you’re just gonna isolate quarterback play, the fact that Allen can do two things and Brady can only do one and not all that well anymore, I like Josh Allen to have the better game.”

Even with a loss, New England can get the divisional crown with a win over the Miami Dolphins. Losing to the Bills could prevent the Patriots from getting a first-round playoff bye. The Kansas City Chiefs are staring at the Patriots for the AFC No. 2 seed behind the Baltimore Ravens.

“I’m taking the Patriots, too, because until I see a sea change, like the Buffalo Bills, no excuses, season on the line, win the division by force, at Foxboro, I gotta go with Belichick, and Brady in that big moment where he won’t make a mistake, maybe something like that,” Kellerman added. “I’m just talking about which quarterback will outperform the other. That Bills defense — Brady’s been bad against pressure, bad against the blitz, fewest yards per attempt. Not good signals to be facing a ferocious defense. And maybe Belichick can do the same thing to Allen, but like you said, when he needs to do something, Josh Allen can run, Josh Allen has a big arm, he can pull a rabbit out of the hat maybe with physical tools that are no longer there for Tom Brady.”

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