Bill Belichick’s GF Cracks Joke Over Coach Answering Tom Brady Qs (Video)

Head coach Bill Belichick doesn’t even think of retiring, and this will be one of the most interesting offseasons in his professional career. However, the Patriots head coach doesn’t really want to talk about the organization’s next move. He is definitely not talking about Tom Brady and his contract situation. His girlfriend, Linda Holliday, knows him best, and she couldn’t stay serious when coach Belichick got another Tom Brady question.

The couple was leaving Prime 112 in Miami over the weekend. They were leaving a night out with Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia. Patricia spend a long time working under Belichick. He was part of the Patriots coaching staff. When Belichick got a question about TB12 and his future, Linda burst in laughter. Belichick would in no way spill the tea on his star quarterback right there on the street. Everyone knows this, and Linda had the same reaction as every Patriots fan.

“You know he’s not gonna answer,” she said with a laughter.

We know that Belichick doesn’t like when reporters ask him questions about his team. He gives them the silent treatment. Sometimes even stares them down.

Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick to join forces

When it comes to Brady, he keeps stirring the pot. Brady shared a black-and-white photo of him at Gillette Stadium. This photo was enough to add fuel to the fire. Was Brady trying to announce his departure from New England? Of course not. He was just shooting a Hulu ad. It’s that simple.

In the ad, Brady touched the most important topic at the moment. He won’t go anywhere, and that’s pretty much everything you should know about his next move. Brady will probably stay with the Patriots. Although the Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Chargers are considered an option, Brady will probably reach an agreement with Robert Kraft. The Patriots owner will give Brady a better deal. TB12 deserves that and much more. He’s been a leader for two decades, and the Patriots won six Super Bowls in the last two decades. Will he join the team in the efforts to win another ring? It will be a long season for everybody.

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