Here’s How Bill Belichick Reportedly Feels About Cam Newton Hype Video

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots got quarterback Cam Newton, but the announcement of his signing was nothing like other people expected. The Patriots announced Newton’s arrival in New England in a hype video. Head coach Belichick and the organization announce free agent signings in a press release or anything similar. A lot of fans watched the video and interpreted it as a sign that Newton will start the games in September.

Is this how Belichick plans to open the season? Second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham is still here and he may compete with Newton for the starting job. Who will start games in Week 1?

Bill Belichick has plans for Cam Newton

Greg Bedard from Boston Sports released an article in which he explained that the Patriots will have a quarterback competition in training camp. Of course, we don’t know if the Patriots will have their regular training camp. If yes, when will it take place?

“Do the Patriots believe that if Newton stays healthy in camp (whenever that is), that he’s the odds-on favorite to be the starter? Yes,” Bedard wrote. “But if you think that’s a given since he’s needed rotator cuff surgery after his last two seasons, you’re crazy. He could indeed have a chronic shoulder problem that needs monitoring and could cut into his camp reps. But if you think, before Newton has done one single thing as a Patriot, that he’s locked up the starting quarterback position, then that would mean completely ignoring the previous 20 years of Belichick’s tenure with the Patriots. Or, as one Patriots source put it: ‘You think Bill gives a s–t about any of that?’ the source asked. ‘I’m kind of disappointed you’d even ask.’”

Newton has enough talent and experience to lead the team. However, Belichick is in charge of that. The Patriots have their way of doing things. Let’s see how will things turn in December.

Newton had a successful stint with the Carolina Panthers. They cut him in March. Well, his last three seasons were average, and he was limited to just 2 games in 2019 due to an injury. He needs to stay healthy to earn those $7.5 million.