LeBron James Shares Heartfelt Post to His Mom on Instagram

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James had some great time with his mom Gloria. The four-time NBA champion shared photos of their boat adventure and added an emotional message. What can we say… It brought tears to our eyes.

King James thanked his gorgeous mother for everything she has done for him. She sacrificed her life to teach him well. Her sacrifice helped him become this amazing.

“Seeing you happy and smiling is one of my biggest accomplishments I’ve ever had in my life! I want to make you so proud every single day! You’ve done so much for me beyond what life can offer and it’s my turn to return the favor! Momma Glo looked at me when we got off the boat this evening and said ‘Son I really enjoyed myself, thank you’ and then smiled! Damn near brought tears to my eyes! Love you for simply always being there for me even when it wasn’t in the physical too! Pointing me in the right decision, raising me to be a gentleman, being kind to others, and simply knowing the difference between right and wrong! You’re my angel on earth!!!!!!”

LeBron James is making his mom proud

Gloria raised her son when she was a young girl. Her mother died when he was three, and she was all by herself. At one point, LeBron had to spend a year with his coach and Gloria was trying to give him a good life.

Despite his poor childhood, LeBron became a talented basketball player. He was a superstar in high school and many NBA players wanted him. The Cleveland Cavaliers selected LeBron and the rest is history.

LeBron and many other athletes have shared their personal stories. This was their motivation to reach the highest peak and become successful. LeBron is the greatest of all time, and he will always be grateful for Gloria’s sacrifice. He wouldn’t come this far without her. The woman is a legend and LeBron respects her.

LeBron’s Lakers will enter the upcoming NBA season on Dec. 22. His team won the title in Orlando, and he is definitely going after the next ring.