LeBron James Calls Out California High Schools

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are getting ready to win back-to-back titles. But, the four-time NBA champion has his eye on pretty much everything related to the world of basketball. This time the brilliant LeBron criticized California high schools for delaying the start of the sports season. The king of basketball shared his comments, and we believe many fans and athletes would share the same opinion with him.

LeBron took to his Twitter account to deliver his message.

“Trying to figure out how there is College California basketball teams playing, soon to be Pro teams playing but not High School teams playing,” he tweeted.

The king of basketball is well prepared for the upcoming season. But, he can’t get over the fact that his oldest son Bronny won’t begin his second season at Sierra Canyon right on time.

LeBron can’t change the decision California high schools made

Truth is, high school sports don’t have the same money as the NBA or NCAA. This may be one of the greatest reasons why college and professional sports take place during the coronavirus pandemic.

The country is dealing with an increased number of COVID-19 cases. California announced that high school players won’t be able to hit courts and fields until January. Some approve this decision and support the state for taking these steps. But, LeBron is far from happy with this.

“The CIF is confident this decision is a necessary and reasonable action for our member schools, student-athletes, and school communities in light of the current statewide crisis,” the California Interscholastic Federation revealed in the most recent statement.

The four-time NBA champion didn’t support the CIF’s decision. Well, he can’t really do anything. LeBron will have to wait an extra month to see Bronny in action.

When it comes to Bronny and his skills, he plays really well. He is on a good way to follow his father’s steps. LeBron taught him well, and Bronny got the good genes. One day, the kid will develop into a superstar. LeBron can’t wait to see the best of his son. Bronny has seen already seen great offers.