Frank Vogel Thinks Ben McLemore & Andre Drummond Are ‘Integrating Fine’

The Los Angeles Lakers brought two new players to help the team win games. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel likes Andre Drummond and Ben McLemore and everything they bring to the floor. The team finished the road trip with three losses. The Dallas Mavericks made up ground behind them in the conference standings.

Anthony Davis returned to the floor but his return wasn’t enough. Lakers players still struggle. McLemore and Drummond fit really well and Vogel knows it. The 27-year-old led his team in rebounds in nine of the 11 nights he played with the team. McLemore shoots 37.5% from downtown since joining the Lakers. He hit more than three in the game against the Brooklyn Nets and in the second game to the Mavericks.

Frank Vogel likes Andre Drummond and Ben McLemore

Vogel likes the way Drummond and McLemore adjusted despite the defeat.

“We lost three of the last four so obviously you want it to happen right away and go 4-0 on this trip but that didn’t happen,” he said.

“But those guys are integrating fine and we’ll continue to grow each game.”

Davis said that he and big Drummond still learn each other’s game. They are still confident about the game and believe they can create a strong frontcourt pairing for the team. LA has 10 games left in the regular season and they better hurry up.

The Lakers fell too far behind the Denver Nuggets to run for the fourth seed in the Western Conference. They have a 1.0-game advantage over Dallas and a 2.0-game lead over the Portland Trail Blazers.

Davis talked about the current situation in the team and has the perfect way of motivating his players.

“We control our own destiny so we have to start playing with a sense of desperation even though we are in the playoffs as of right now,” he said. “But we’re not that far off from being in the play-in game. So we got to play with a sense of desperation as well.”

Lakers fans still hope to see LeBron James back on the floor. But, Vogel said he is still out indefinitely.