Eli Manning Reacts To Tom Brady’s Admission About Patriots’ 2007 Season

Eli Manning and Tom Brady share a really special connection on the field. Sort of.

Some would say that Manning played a big hand in “the one that got away” for TB12. Manning and the New York Giants stopped the New England Patriots from completing the 2007 NFL season with great success. The team had an amazing season. Brady and his teammates enter Super Bowl XLII with an 18-0 record. Well, they couldn’t defeat the Giants. As you may be guessing, the Giants were an NFC Wild Card team in the 2007 NFL playoffs.

TB12 won four more Super Bowls following the big loss. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback admitted he’d give up two of his seven titles if it meant he could have a 19-0 season in his portfolio. Manning took notice of the comments Brady made. Brady’s admission was really shocking. He responded as a typical competitor.

Eli Manning motivates Tom Brady

There’s a really good chance TB12 will be even more comfortable with executing this swap next season. The greatest of all time won the Super Bowl with the Bucs and he really has a chance to repeat the performance and win another Super Bowl. The fun part? Brady will arrive in New England to meet his former team. He is playing against head coach Bill Belichick and his new team.

Belichick built a strong roster and he won’t miss the chance to make the playoffs again. The Patriots missed the playoffs in 2020 and Cam Newton missed the opportunity to lead the team to the Super Bowl. He lacked weapons and also struggled with his passing game. Let’s see how will the Patriots handle the upcoming season. Newton will work with a great group. Brady is doing an excellent job with his great group. Things will get really hot next season.

Brady is incredibly competitive and he uses comments of this kind to be even better. Do we want him to be better? As long as he doesn’t stand in Belichick’s way.