Coach Bill Belichick Gives 5-Word Take on Tua Tagovailoa

Head coach Bill Belichick follows the quarterback situation in the NFL and he definitely has Tua Tagovailoa on the radar. The New England Patriots made a decision on their quarterback. Mac Jones will start games instead of Cam Newton. The 2015 NFL MVP was cut last week and he will have to find home somewhere else. Belichick talked about this on so many occasions, but he doesn’t mind talking about other quarterbacks, too. Enter Tagovailoa.

The Miami Dolphins quarterback fits Belichick’s system perfectly. Belichick would love to have him around and he definitely supports his great skillset. We all know that Belichick likes great players. Tagovailoa is an excellent player.

On Monday morning, the Patriots head coach talked about the Dolphins star. Let’s just say Tagovailoa looks good to him.

Bill Belichick likes Tua Tagovailoa

Yes, Belichick used a few simple words to describe the player who will challenge his team in Week 1.

Tagovailoa has already played against the Patriots. The Patriots defense had to go against Tagovailoa in Week 15 of the 2020 NFL season. The young signal-caller started against Belichick’s team and celebrated a 22-12 win. Miami gets the best of the game pretty much every time players meet Belichick.

The young quarterback stacked 145 passing yards and one interception on 20-for-26 completions in the game.

New England is entering another important season. This may be the most important season in Belichick’s career. He will have another Tom Brady-less season and this time he is working with a rookie who looks just like TB12.

Jones has a chance to be the franchise quarterback and Belichick trusted him enough to give him the lead job.