Report: Patriots Work Out Former First-Rounder in Search For CB Depth

The Patriots have worked out a former first-rounder while looking for some CB depth at the position. The Patriots are now 2-4 on the season coming off their week 6 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. They were not able to take the win in overtime and the Cowboys pulled off the win in walk off style. It is clear that the Patriots are missing something on both sides of the ball. Well, it looks like they might be trying to fix that at the CB position.

Reports have come out that the Patriots have worked out a former Raiders 2013 first round CB pick D.J Hayden.

This is interesting if true. It would be great to see the Patriot’s defense pick someone up that could help them in the backend. It is clear that rookie QB Mac Jones needs some help and this could be it.

Report: Patriots Work Out Former First-Rounder in Search For CB Depth

The 31 year old has played 8 years in the NFL after being drafted by the Raiders in 2013. This would be an interesting pick up ahead of the Patriots clash with the Jets. Bill Belichick talked about the matchup previously.

“Each week is its own week. Like it usually goes, Wednesday, it’s getting familiar with a new team and a different style of play. Certainly, they [the Jets] have had a different style of play than Dallas or Houston, but they play really.”

“They certainly had an impressive win against the Titans a couple weeks back. [Zach] Wilson hit a lot of big throws. They continue to run the ball well. It’s a really good running team. They do a good job there. Defensively, they continue to play aggressively. One of the best red area teams in the league. They’ve done a good job of playing on a short field, which they’ve had to do a few times this year, but they’ve played really well there. Very competitive in the kicking game. [Justin] Hardee is one of the better penetrators that we see.”

“They are a team that we kind of know, but I’d say after the week off, their bye week, I’m sure they’ll adjust some things like everybody would do during that week, especially at this point in the season.”