Report: Lakers Considering ‘Wild,’ Unconventional Coaching Change

LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all time and he is really close to becoming a player-coach. The four-time NBA champion has a chance to join the Lakers coaching staff. Feel free to add Bill Laimbeer to the mix. What about head coach Frank Vogel? Lakers fans get a bit angry every time the team losses a game. Vogel is on the hot seat this season, meaning the Lakers front office may force him to accept the coaching change.

“Name another coach currently not employed that those players would listen to more than Frank [Vogel], that’s what made the text so interesting,” Bucher said on the On the Ball podcast. “What it said is that it has been suggested to Jeanie Buss, the Lakers governor and majority owner, that LeBron take over as player-coach with Bill Laimbeer coming over in as his second in command. For those who don’t know, Bill is a huge fan of LeBron’s. He has not been shy in saying he is clearly a better player than Michael Jordan. That will earn you a ton of points in the Klutch Agency camp, obviously.”

The Lakers may be forced to make the coaching change

Bucher believes that the Lakers may consider embracing an old NBA concept and use their superstar as a coach.

“I imagine this is one of those ideas just to see if Jeanie would bite and nothing more,” Bucher added. “You know, the what if, run it up the flagpole and see if anyone solutes conversations I’m sure you have with your friends. Well, NBA people have those kind of conversations, too. Call it brainstorming, 99% of the ideas tossed around never go beyond spitballing.

“I’m of the mind that this is in that camp. It’s intriguing only because it involves LeBron who seems to be forever looking for ways to distinguish himself with achievements Jordan can’t lay claim, too. Player-coach, the first since Lenny Wilkens if I’m not mistaken, would undoubtedly catch his attention.”

Vogel is dealing with a lot of obstacles right now. Marc Stein was among the first to report that Vogel is on the hot seat. Will the front office fire him?

The Lakers have to improve their record and Vogel may not even be part of the gameplan. He is an exceptional coach and we can’t forget that he led the Lakers to a title inside the bubble in Orlando.