Mac Jones Calls Out Himself, Patriots Teammates After Ugly Loss To Colts

The New England Patriots lost the game to the Indianapolis Colts. It was ugly and frustrating. Rookie quarterback Mac Jones and his Patriots teammates should definitely use this loss as a motivation to continue winning.

If you as Patriots players, they will all say they didn’t get enough practice in the last couple of weeks. They had their bye week and I guess everyone got a little too comfortable about it. Jones didn’t place the blame on his teammates. He said it all starts with him.

Patriots players failed terribly at Lucas Oil Stadium. Should we add more?

“I just don’t think it was our best effort,” Jones told the media. “It starts with me, just throughout the week, we didn’t have a great practice every day. So, it is what it is. You just have to move on and keep your head high.”

Mac Jones fuels his motivation following Patriots loss

The first-rounder finished the night with 26 completions on 45 passes with a couple of touchdowns and interceptions each.

“I just think we, starting with me, just the energy was kind of low,” Jones said when asked of the lack practice. “Maybe, like, feeling a little sorry for ourselves ’cause, you know, whatever, we come off the bye, and stuff. Not to get into details, but we just didn’t practice well.

“And that just reflects how we played. I didn’t practice good. I know a lot of guys on our team felt the same way. So, we have to come to work every day and just be positive. And it’s one game, it’s not the end of the world.”

The Buffalo Bills are next on the list. Again. New England beat the Bills before their bye week and it was a magnificent win. They should do that again.

“We have to look at ourselves,” Jones added. “Quick turnaround, flush this game down the toilet and just roll. Starting tonight, get onto the next game and be ready to roll for next week.”

This loss will encourage players to continue their great work. It was just a tiny black dot on their regular season.