Report: LeBron James’ Ex-Lakers Teammate Taking Steps Towards a Potential Comeback

LeBron James may soon share the floor with one of his former teammates. The Los Angeles Lakers signed a lot of players this season and some of them got a 10-day deal with the team. Darren Collison may soon sign a deal with the team. LeBron can join forces with his former teammate and there have been so many rumors about his potential comeback.

Latest reports confirm that Collison signed for the South Bay Lakers. It’s time for another shot and the 34-year-old will try to get the best of it.

LeBron to join forces with a former teammate, the veteran looks forward to his potential comeback

Shams Charania from The Athletic reported that Collison joined the South Bay Lakers to help “lead the No.2 seed to a G League title.” According to Charania’s report, Collison probably hopes to earn a “call-up to an NBA team.”

In December, 2021, Collison signed a deal with the Lakers. He played three games during the 10-day stint with the team. He played just 12.3 minutes off the bench and averaged 1.3 points and 1.3 rebounds per game with the team.

Collison may be 34 but he has a lot to offer. He joined the G League in an effort to make a big splash in the playoffs. The 6-foot point guard will try to get the attention of NBA scouts. Maybe he will get a chance to finish his basketball career as a veteran on an NBA team. A lot of players share the same destiny and they all want to get the attention of big teams.

LeBron could use an extra pair of hands and getting a veteran like Collins would be of great help at this point. If the Lakers don’t want him, other teams may show interest in Collison.

The Lakers have to make some changes to their roster. This team struggles to make an impact. Rob Pelinka may want to make a move and trade a few players. Getting new names could be of great help, too. Who is the next player to join the franchise?