LeBron James Future Plans With Lakers Discussed

The Los Angeles Lakers are entering a really challenging offseason. The team missed the NBA Finals twice and Frank Vogel was the first to leave the team. According to several sources, the Lakers are already planning their trade moves. LeBron James has to plan his future with the Lakers, too.

Jeanie Buss and Magic Johnson did a really good job in 2018. LeBron signed a deal with the team on the first-day of free agency. He earned an extension and has a chance to get another one next offseason. However, Bronny may join the NBA in 2023 and LeBron will make the right decision. He wants to play with his son, remember?

Is LeBron James on his way out?

Brian Windhorst from ESPN believes that LeBron won’t leave the Lakers in the near future.

“But I think there’s two things I have to say that are very important here,” Windhorst noted during a May 5, 2022 episode of “First Take.” “The first is that LeBron wants to be a Laker. Regardless of what he may have said in moments of frustration last year and regardless of his concept of playing with his son or someday retiring a Cavalier or whatever. LeBron wants to be a Laker. He wants to live in Los Angeles. He loves living in Los Angeles, his son Bronny is a senior at Sierra Canyon in the Valley this year. Wants to be able to take part and enjoy his senior season. He still believes he can take the Lakers to heights. He wants to be a Laker.

“The second thing is that while it would be fun and is fun and we would probably have these conversations now or later, to talk about what team could want to trade for LeBron, LeBron isn’t getting traded to a team unless LeBron deems it so.”

LeBron James has clear future plans with the Lakers

LeBron has a few huge options on the table. He and Rich Paul will come up with the perfect plan. Sam Amick from The Athletic reported that LeBron will be a free agent in 2023

“Based on my conversations with people who have a strong sense of such things, it’s clear James is considering playing out this contract rather than signing a two-year extension this summer,” Amick wrote on April 12. “If flexibility and freedom are the goals here, James (who is owed $44.4 million next season) could go back to the year-by-year approach he perfected in his second Cleveland stop.”

Buss won’t consider trading LeBron at this point. She got him for a reason and he is the GOAT. Maybe the Lakers will improve the roster instead of just sending their superstar away.