Jarrett Stidham Shares His New Motivation in First Year With Raiders

Jarrett Stidham didn’t make a huge impact during his time with the New England Patriots, but seems to be ready for his second chance with the Las Vegas Raiders. Head coach Bill Belichick didn’t give Stidham a starting role, but gave him an opportunity to show his potential. Stidham is a talented player and he could definitely be a better fit for the Raiders.

Stidham’s injury was just too much. He missed significant time and there were some concerns about his future with the team. A lot of people predicted his departure from New England. They were all right, because Stidham is now part of the Raiders. It’s interesting to note that he joined the team right after Josh McDaniels left the Patriots to coach the Raiders. I guess he thought it would be nice if he coaches a familiar name. Stidham was set to replace Tom Brady, but it didn’t happen.

Jarrett Stidham is ready for the Raiders

The former Patriots quarterback took to his Instagram account to deliver a bold message for his fourth season in the NFL.

“Year 4 has a whole new meaning,” Stidham wrote.

Did he just take a shot at the Patriots? Was he trying to say something about his time with the team? Did someone question his value? Let’s not forget that Stidham played just eight games with the Patriots. He was able to complete 24 from 48 passes for 270 yards, two touchdowns, and four interceptions. Stidham has career passer rating of 46.4. He should definitely work on this. Maybe McDaniels will give him a bigger role in Las Vegas. He is already the second guy after Derek Carr, followed by Nick Mullens and Chase Garber. Jones is relatively young and he could become an impact player in 2022.

The Patriots will meet Stidham and McDaniels in the postseason. Players will meet for joint practice at the end of the summer. Let’s see how this goes. Stidham has accepted the challenge and the same goes to McDaniels. He will coach against Belichick. That’s a big deal!