NBA Champion Sounds Off on Lakers Big Man Anthony Davis

Russell Westbrook is not the only hot topic in LA. NBA champion Kendrick Perkins had something to say about Anthony Davis and his future with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers big man missed too many games in the last couple of seasons. He is entering season four with the team, but some people doubt his potential to win another ring as a Laker. Davis helped the Lakers win a title in his first season with the team. Perkins believes he can do it again.

“I actually got high hopes that Anthony Davis might win MVP,” Perkins told Brandon Scoop B Robinson. “I think Anthony Davis is gonna come out on a mission. There’s reports about Darvin Ham talkin’ about how they gonna go through Anthony Davis and I think this is Anthony Davis’ moment to start getting back in that top-tier, top-five player conversation again.”

The NBA champion motivates Anthony Davis

Davis’ injuries made people talk. He missed big chunk of the 2021-22 NBA season and didn’t even get a chance to play with LeBron James. The big man returned to the floor after a 17-game break, but LeBron was injured, so they couldn’t join forces for a win. The Lakers lost games in their absence. They missed the playoffs again and Rob Pelinka is now getting ready to reshape the roster and get rid of players who can’t contribute to the floor.

Marc Stein from Substack reported that Davis is “working out with increased diligence.” The big man took his time to rest and recover. Hopefully, he will enter the new season with a healthier and stronger body. LA needs him. LeBron needs him. When healthy, AD is one of the better players in the NBA.

“Some potential good news for the aforementioned Lakers and the soon-to-be-extension-eligible James: Anthony Davis’ surprising disclosure in mid-June that he hadn’t shot a basketball since early April might have been a blessing in disguise,” Stein reported. “Davis, by all accounts, has been working out with increased diligence ever since his comments generated a wave of strong criticism.”