Bill Belichick Getting Praised After Unexpected Benching News

The New England Patriots made a lot of shocking moves this offseason. Head coach Bill Belichick shocked the NFL world with pretty much every move he made and now we have people talking about another surprising benching. No, this has nothing to do with Malcolm Butler and his infamous benching in the Super Bowl. It goes all the way to J.C. Jackson.

Jackson was a Patriot for a few seasons. He was waiting for a big deal, but the Patriots didn’t really make a move. The talented player thought that the team didn’t want him around. Contract negotiations got stuck in the middle of nowhere. Jackson didn’t get what he wanted and signed a big deal with the Los Angeles Chargers. The five-year offer will give him $82.5 million. Not bad, huh? Jackson worked really hard to get this deal. He is one of the better players at this positions and the Chargers didn’t waste their time. Belichick doesn’t want him? Well, the Chargers were more than happy to get him.

Bill Belichick may have seen this benching coming

Losing Jackson to the Chargers was a big blow for the Patriots. They lost a valuable player. However, Belichick had a plan. He showed everyone that letting Jackson go to LA was actually a really smart move. What happened to Jackson? He missed a couple of games and struggled on the field. Want more? The Chargers benched him in the game against the Denver Broncos.

It’s too soon to make a prediction and Jackson has plenty of time to secure his spot in LA. He is a really awesome player and the Chargers have a chance to get the best of him.

When it comes to Belichick, he showed the world that he is a real genius. He knows what he is doing and the Patriots are back on the right track. They beat the Detroit Lions and Bailey Zappe led the team to two straight wins. Let’s see how will this end. Jackson faces a big challenge this season. The same goes to Belichick’s rookies.