LeBron James Says His Main Focus For Lakers This Season Is His Availability

The Los Angeles Lakers had a quiet offseason and getting Patrick Beverley was the only big move they made so far. Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka kept Russell Westbrook on the roster and head coach Darvin Ham will enter the big season with his current squad. LeBron James has accepted the Lakers challenge and he works on his availability at the moment.

The four-time NBA champion missed a big chunk of the previous season. He missed time the previous season, too. Lakers players struggled to make impact without LeBron. He is the core of the gameplan and the outcome of each game depends on him.

LeBron James will help the Lakers and availability won’t be a concern anymore

The king of basketball plans to do his best and lead his team to a win. He won’t miss too much time this time. That’s the plan. LeBron spends a lot of money to keep his body at a high level. He works with the best professionals to enhance his performance. LeBron will turn 38 in December and age has nothing on him. He is playing his best basketball and Jeanie Buss is more than happy to have him around.

Staying healthy is a priority at this moment. King James has great plans for his new season and avoiding serious injuries is one of them. The Lakers need him on the floor and LeBron will do his best to be present all the times. Yes, he may not play each and every game, but he has to be active in the biggest games of the season.

There’s no room for concerns right now and LeBron is 100% healthy. He uses every minute of his free time to work out. He worked out in Italy, remember?

LeBron needs all the help he can get on the floor this season. He needs his teammates on the floor. Anthony Davis and Russ will have big roles again and everyone has high expectations. Let’s see what happens in a month. The Lakers can be champions again, that’s a sure bet.