Patrick Beverley Goes Off On Draymond Green For Hitting Jordan Poole

Patrick Beverley has had beef with many players, but he sure stands with Jordan Poole. The Los Angeles Lakers veteran shared his thoughts on the incident that took place last week. Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green punched Poole in the face. It was an awful event and it sure sparked a huge controversy.

According to Beverley, teammates should never punch each other in the face.

“That should never happen at all,” Beverley said. “That should never happen. Obviously, you know, like anything, you know, you argue, but fighting, no. I mean, we’re professionals, you know, that’s a line you don’t cross.”

Everyone saw Green punch his teammate. Yes, he apologized to Poole and even did it publicly. It was an awkward situation for everyone involved.

Patrick Beverley would never find himself in a Jordan Poole situation

Beverley’s comments came at the right timing. He will have to play with Russell Westbrook this season. We know what these two have been up to. They have done a lot of trash-talk over the years and now they have to share the same locker room. Both players are fine with the situation. They go after a title after all… It doesn’t mean that Westbrook would ever play with someone who has punched him in the face. There’s no room for such nonsense…

“If I’m one of the guys, you know, on the other side, you know, that’s been punched or hit, I don’t know if I wanna be there anymore,” Beverley said. “I mean, from a feel comfortable at work, you know, it’s only so much sorry you can get from that. Obviously, I’m gonna be a meme the rest of the year. Any city I go to, it’s gonna be like they’re gonna remember that more than my basketball play or the championship I just helped Golden State win.”

Beverley spoke his mind. Now he has to find a way to work with Westbrook and the rest of the guys. It’s a new season after all… It’s a new challenge for everyone. Beverley has to get used to Darvin Ham’s system.