Patriots’ Newcomer Can ‘Reintroduce’ Key Position To Bill O’Brien Offense

Bill O’Brien joined the New England Patriots with great plans for the organization. The Patriots offense struggled to make an impact in the last few seasons and head coach Bill Belichick decided to trust O’Brien.

O’Brien has to make some adjustments this offseason in order to elevate the offense. According to NFL analysts, newcomer Anthony Firkser could help him in the process.

Patriots relied on fullbacks back in the days and yes, they were really dominant on the football field. However, Matt Patricia had different plans and fullbacks didn’t have a key role during games.

Mike Reiss from ESPN discussed Firkser’s role with the team and he did emphasize his experience at fullback. The newcomer “has experience at fullback if new offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien has designs to reintroduce that position to the offense in 2023,” Reiss said.

O’Brien could restructure the offense

The Patriots could bring back the forgotten position and Firkser will have a big say in this. He has a chance to earn a spot on the 53-man roster. All he needs to do is do wonders as fullback in practice. The Patriots already have Hunter Henry and Mike Gesicki, so they don’t really need a tight end. However, they can definitely use a tight end who can play fullback at the same time. Belichick likes versatile players and this makes Firkser an excellent candidate.

O’Brien could restore McDaniels’ game plan and hopefully, take the team to the Super Bowl in 2023.

The Patriots used fullbacks when no one else did. Jakob Johnson did magic back in the days and the Tennessee Titans know it best. He joined Josh McDaniels’ team last offseason, leaving the Patriots with a huge hole on their roster.

Belichick had Sam Gash, Larry Centers, and Patrick Pass back in the days and he could definitely use a great fullback again. Let’s see if he is willing to give Firkser a chance on his 53-man roster. It’s a long offseason after all.