Fans React To Bryce James’ Major Visit Decision

LeBron James is really proud of his children and it seems like his boys are ready to follow his footsteps. His younger son, Bryce Maximus, will make an unofficial visit to Ohio State later this week as reported by Joe Tipton from

LeBron’s kids grew up in the spotlight and got used to all the attention from the media. They make headlines with every appearance and their basketball skills are definitely making good stories. Bronny has a great potential to become an NBA star one day. The same goes to Bryce. According to sources, he has already received offers. Duquesne is one of the interested parties.

Bryce surprised fans with his visit

Going back to Ohio seems to be a good move. Everything Bronny does seems like a good move.

In July, the talented kid played in the Nike Peach Jam and sure stole the spotlight. Krysten Peek from Yahoo Sports was among the first to report this. Bryce won’t stop here. He will also attend USA Basketball minicamp as a member of the junior national team.

Fans are really excited about Bryce’s visit and their reactions say it all.

“2025 four-star guard Bryce James tells me he’s taking an unofficial visit to Ohio State next weekend,” Joe Tipton tweeted.

“Bron said all his kids finna visit Ohio State (so he can enjoy game day too) before ultimately attending USC,” one fan wrote.

“Homecoming weekend. Good choice,” one fan added.

“He ain’t leaving the West coast! Like the bruh said ain’t falling for it!’ one fan added.

Bryce is in his junior season at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California.

LeBron has a strong connection with Ohio and many believe that he will finish his career in Cleveland. Of course, there are also people who say he’d join the Cavaliers after his contract with the Lakers. Truth is, LeBron wanted to go wherever his oldest son goes. Bronny deals with a condition and this plan may not work at all.