Lakers Anthony Davis Performance Deemed ‘Unacceptable’ By Brian Windhorst

The Los Angeles Lakers cut their winning streak with a loss to the Sacramento Kings. They have a 6-6 record at this point of the season and let’s just say fans are disappointed. Analysts are disappointed as well. Players struggled and tried to do magic in the fourth quarter of the game, but the damage was already done. Sacramento was all-in about winning the night and players celebrated their success. Anthony Davis had a bad night and one NBA analysts says his performance was unacceptable.

Sadly, Davis scored just nine points in the night. He is a dominant player and dominant players should never ever let this happen. Analysts shredded the Lakers superstar to bits. Brian Windhorst from ESPN was one of them. He had a big message for Davis and the big man sure got the word.

Davis has to learn the lesson from his “unacceptable” performance

Windhorst spoke about Davis’ performance and he didn’t use any kind words. According to him, this performance was unacceptable. Windhorst said that Davis cannot help the Lakers win any games with this unacceptable performance.

“Anthony Davis’ performance in this game was once again unacceptable,” said Windhorst on Thursday’s episode of First Take. “Damontas Sabonis comes in, outscores him by 20, outrebounds him by seven in a game that was decided by 15 points… you cannot compete in this conference at this time, and you fall down by 145 points every first quarter, and Anthony Davis only shows up part of the time.”

The Lakers struggled with inconsistency in the last few seasons. This was one of the biggest issues they had on the basketball court over the years. Inconsistent players can do more damage than an inefficient role player.

If Davis gets the word, he will probably take it as an advice and warning. Davis has to elevate his performance and fix the damage. He has to be the leader Darvin Ham expects him to be. Let’s see what happens in the upcoming games. We all know what Davis is capable off, he just has to do what he knows best. Win.