Anthony Davis To Join LeBron James In LA, Celtics To Be Snubbed

It seems like the Boston Celtics are out of the game when it comes to signing Anthony Davis. That’s what NBA expert Jason McIntyre said.

Anthony Davis was linked to the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. Things are getting really hot, and we are almost sure that Davis will sign with LeBron’s team. However, his arrival in the city will only happen if Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart and other young Lakers leave the team.

“I don’t because this is early and stuff can change,” McIntyre said on the Scoop B Radio Poscast when asked about Boston’s chance to get Davis.

“People are going to hold me to it. Scoop, If you put this out there, obviously, I think Anthony Davis will tell the people he wants to end up on the Lakers. I think he will not sign the extension this off-season and play it out and either get traded at the deadline or walk for nothing, the following season. And I know that’s depressing to hear and I wouldn’t wait until LeBron’s at that point; what, 36? 35 and a half?”

The Lakers struggle on the floor

The Los Angeles Lakers did not have much luck in the games they played without LeBron James. The king was out due to his groin injury.

LeBron left the court on Christmas Day, and will probably miss a few more games.

ESPN pundit Andre Snellings said that the Lakers have to do their best to get Davis and save the season.

“They should [explore a trade], but only for Anthony Davis. Davis is the only player with any rumoured possibility of becoming available who, when matched with LeBron, would give the Lakers a legitimate chance to contend this season. But if New Orleans holds on to AD as expected, the Lakers would be best served to finish the season strong, try to make a playoff push to season their youngsters and then enter the offseason with their max cap space and better ability to make moves.”

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