DeMarcus Cousins Looks Super Skinny in Latest Photo From Lakers Facility

DeMarcus Cousins decided to join the Los Angeles Lakers, and it looks like he is ready for some changes. Cousins signed a one-year deal with the Lakers, and this triggered an avalanche of reactions. First, he changed his physical appearance. The player lost a lot of weight, and he is actually skinny.

Right after signing with the Lakers, Cousins set an ambitious goal. He told everyone about his readiness to play all 82 games in the 2019-20 season. Do you know that he has never done it before? Cousins is pretty serious about becoming one of the league’s most dominant big men, and he has already done that one.

Cousins hasn’t played his best basketball since the Achilles injury he suffered in the 2017-19 season with the New Orleans Pelicans. He didn’t have a good season with the warriors as he was trying to stay healthy while recovering from a quadriceps injury during the playoffs.

This weight loss may keep Cousins on the floor, but some fans fear that he may have lost some strength.

“I’m working my tail off every single day. My quad is 100% healed. I’m building it up every day…I’m getting stronger. Getting in better shape. My plan is to come into camp in tiptop shape. My goal is to play 82 gms this season.”

As a full-time starter, cousins has never played more than 75 games. NBA seasons are really long, and centers have hard time coping with the pressure. Will the Lakers want Cousins to play a lot of minutes on the floor?

He is expected to play less games throughout the regular season so that he’s rested for the big games.

Cousins will have to give his best to stay healthy during the season. Losing this much weight may affect his power on the field, and he may also experience problems regarding the physical demands centers deal with. If Cousins is ready to do that and much more, the Lakers will definitely become contenders, and they may be considered favorites for this year’s title. How will Cousins handle the pressure in Los Angeles? Is he a good fit for the Lakers?

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