Mike Florio Makes Logic Point About Antonio Brown-Patriots Speculation

There’s a growing speculation regarding Antonio Brown and his potential signing with the New England Patriots. Of course, the NFL will have to clear him of any wrongdoing. The league opened an investigation into the accusations against Brown, and there’s still no official announcement. What will happen if another team signs Brown? ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio has something to say about this.

Florio talked about this possibility on NBC Sports Boston’s “Patriots Talk Podcast.” He discussed Brown’s situation, his apology to Robert Kraft and all the drama regarding his accusations.

Florio said this was a rather important dynamic. The Patriots will try to win another Super Bowl.

If the Patriots don’t sign Brown, another team definitely will. It could be the Baltimore Ravens or the Kansas City Chiefs. It may be any other team. Maybe Brown will play on a team that will make the Super Bowl. Imagine seeing him play with the Seattle Seahawks. The Patriots will have to think really good about Brown. Will they like to see him play with another team? If they don’t use him, another team definitely will.

Mike Florio makes a point

New England may use a receiver at the moment. Mohamed Sanu was acquired before the trade deadline. Rookie N’Keal Harry made his debut in the game against the Philadelphia Eagles after being activated off injured reserve. The Patriots released Josh Gordon. Sanu, Julian Edelman and Phillip Dorsett are injured. New England listed 12 players questionable following Friday’s practice. Their tight ends have low production this season, and Rob Gronkowski retired at the worst moment possible.

“There’s a much more important net loss here. And that’s if you don’t sign him, somebody else will. Somebody else may be the Ravens or the Chiefs,” Florio said. “Or some other team you’ll have to deal with in early February. Maybe you see him in the Super Bowl. Maybe he’ll be playing for the Seahawks then. So that’s where the Patriots really need to think long and hard about whether they want to deal with Antonio Brown on another team. Because it’s not, ‘We either use him or we don’t use him.’ It’s, ‘Either we use him or somebody else is gonna use him and make it harder for us to try and do what we’re trying to do.’ ”

New England will undoubtedly play better with Brown on the roster. He is a pretty talented wideout who built instant connection with TB12. Brown was a Patriots for 11 days, and played just one game. In the game against the Miami Dolphins, Brown was able to catch four passes for 56 yards and a touchdown. Reports suggest that the Patriots aren’t interested in signing Brown. He may not get a chance to play another game in the NFL. Will Kraft accept the apology? Brown is in a serious situation at the moment, and we aren’t really optimistic about his future in the NFL.

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