Watch: James White Runs For His 2nd Touchdown vs Cardinals

The New England Patriots have a big chance to win the game against the Arizona Cardinals. One player was brilliant throughout the game. Patriots running back James White surprised Patriots fans with a touchdown in the game vs Cardinals, and now he did it again. It was a beautiful touchdown. Well, both touchdowns helped the Patriots tale a lead.

The running back provided the first score for the Patriots. It was a nice touchdown pitch, and White found a way to narrow the deficit to three.

White took a pitch from veteran quarterback Cam Newton and let his speed do the job on th efield. He could get outside and set the edge on his way to the end zone. The veteran saw his role diminish with the depth in the team’s backfield. But, his presence was definitely felt on Sunday. This is a must-win game for the Patriots.

Fans can’t wait to see the type of impact White on the rest of the game moving forward. New England lost the match to the Houston Texans and experts didn’t really predic a win for White’s team.

James White shocks with second touchdown in game vs Cardinals

White is going through the worst time in his life. He entered the season with great hopes, but the death of his father shut down his willingness to win. White’s father died in a car accident, and his mother was terribly injured. Patriots players supported him throughout the season and the organization gave him a lot of free time so he can get all and get on the right track. White missed a few games and he is back now.

In one of his videoconferences with media members, White talked about his readiness to contribute to the game. From what we can see, he used the problems he had to win. The nightmare motivated him to be better. New England needs him in the long run. Head coach Bill Belichick had words of praise for White and he is definitely one of the better players New England had in the past.