Dianna Russini Thinks Major Patriots Trade Is Possible

The New England Patriots will enter the 2021 NFL Draft with a few great ideas on the table. NFL experts believe that head coach Bill Belichick will draft a few more players in the first round. Dianna Russini from ESPN believes that the Patriots will agree to a big deal that will involve one of the current Patriots.

Mac Jones, Trey Lance, and Justin Fields are great options. NFL teams will probably try to get them in the top 10 picks of the draft. New England has shown interest all three players in the past few weeks.

Dianna Russini has a proposal for the Patriots

Other teams need quarterbacks, too. Things will get really hot in the next few days. In 2020, we heard so many stories related to veteran cornerback Stephon Gilmore. The 2019 AFC Defensive Player of the Year may be on the trade block at the moment. Russini believes Gilmore may leave the Patriots. She said he may help the team make the top 10 and get their quarterback of the future.

“Stephon Gilmore is in his final year of a five-year contract with the New England Patriots. He’s making about $7 million this season. The New England Patriots could perhaps deal Stephon Gilmore in a package to move up, if they are in the business of getting a quarterback,” Russini said on Get Up this morning.

“I did speak to a team in the top 10 who told me they had calls with New England,” she revealed. Bill Belichick hasn’t historically been a big fan of trading up, but he also had a legendary quarterback penciled in to the QB1 job for almost 20 years, so the game has changed.

The Patriots are entering the NFL draft with 15th overall. This is pretty low to get any of the best passers in the current class. NFL teams create tons of drama and a lot of rumors.

The Atlanta Falcons are at No.4 and the Carolina Panthers stand at No.8. Matt Ryan is making a move and the same applies for the Panthers and their trade for Sam Darnold.