LeBron James Expects Kobe Bryant Like Treatment From Lakers, Per Sources

The Los Angeles Lakers have a terrible season and NBA experts can’t see the Lakers make the playoffs again. Rob Pelinka and Darvin Ham didn’t make any major moves in the offseason, but they have LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and other great players. Who is responsible for the bad start of the season? LeBron? Injuries? AD? Pelinka? Now we have people saying that LeBron wanted to be treated like Kobe Bryant.

A Western Conference executive discussed this topic with Sam Deveney from Heavy on Sports. He mentioned LeBron’s performance and his explosiveness on the floor. Did the Lakers regret giving him an extension? This shouldn’t be the case, because LeBron averages 24.9 points, 8.8 rebounds, and 6.9 assists per game while going 45.7% from the field.

“With the health stuff and the age and just the general little bit of burst that he has lost—just a little bit but it is there, it is one reason he is not getting the (foul) calls he thinks he should be getting — I am sure they would rather not have to give him $110 million over two years,” the exec said. “But they gave Kobe (Bryant) a similar thing (in 2013) and one thing that Kobe and LeBron definitely have in common is, they were never going to take a discount. The attitude is always, pay me what I am worth and figure out the rest of your roster after I get mine. And it’s their right to do that, that is the way the rules are set up. But LeBron is not going to leave even a dollar on the table.”

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant had great teammates

Lakers players appreciate LeBron’s effort, crediting him for his leadership during practice. He came to LA with a goal and nothing will stop him from accomplishing it.

“We had a phenomenal practice, probably one of my best practices yesterday,” Patrick Beverley said. “You gotta give a lot of credit to LeBron. He started to get on guys the right way, and guys in the locker room responded. So, credit his leadership. Obviously, there are things that you guys don’t see in the locker room, but he was a big voice in practice yesterday, which kinda led over to our energy, and game planning, and focus for this game today.”

LeBron missed four games so far in the season. Anthony Davis suffered injuries, too, but he found his way back to the field. Moreover, he became the dominant force LA wanted him to be in the first place. That’s good news for Lakers fans, right?