Mac Jones Has ‘Trust’ Issues With Patriots Teammates, Per Analyst

The New England Patriots got Mac Jones back on the field, but some NFL analysts believe he has trust issues with his teammates. The Alabama quarterback missed time due to an injury and had to miss time. Head coach Bill Belichick replaced him with a rookie and yes, Bailey Zappe did a wonderful job. Was this enough for Belichick to give him they keys to the offense? No, he kept Jones at center.

Jones didn’t play his best football early in the season. He was criticized for the poor performance, but Belichick didn’t throw him under the bus. What about the offensive struggles in New England?

Mac Jones and his teammates have to solve these trust issues

Andrew Callahan from the Boston Herald believes that Patriots players deal with serious trust issues.

“The connective tissue of any elite NFL offense is always the same: trust,” Callahan wrote. “Trust breeds timing, confidence. Trust allows a quarterback to rip a pass before the receiver snaps out of his break believing he’ll turn in time to catch the ball. It means calling a play believing the quarterback will read his keys correctly, hang in against pressure and deliver on third down.”

The Patriots may be beating opponents but Jones struggles to find his receivers on the field. There may be other problems as well.

“Midway through the season, there is little evidence of trust within the Patriots offense,” Callahan added. “Unsure of his protection, Mac Jones is prematurely bailing from pockets and cutting off full-field reads. The play-calling reflects a lack of belief in him and said pass-blocking. The wide receivers have gone AWOL outside of Jakobi Meyers, who fumbled Sunday.”

Belichick has plenty of time to fix his offense and help Jones target his receivers easily. He also has to find a solution to an ongoing situation on the field. According to the Patriots head coach, opposing linebackers know his plays beforehand. That’s exactly what happened in the 26-3 win over the Indianapolis Colts.

The Patriots have a few issues to handle at this point. Let’s see how things roll on Sunday. Belichick has awesome and efficient players on he field which is probably why he is confident about this season.