Bill Belichick Breakup With Longtime Girlfriend Makes Patriots ‘Nervy’

Bill Belichick and girlfriend Linda Holliday are breaking up and it seems like people within the organization are really nervous about the breakup.

“The boss’s love woes are causing stormy seas around his usually peaceful Nantucket existence — and they’re even making team execs nervy,” a piece in the Page Six read.

Belichick’s girlfriend has been around for years. She knows everything about the organization, including top secrets and spicy details. I guess people are not too happy about her knowing all this. Could she spill all the secrets?

“We’re told the team bigs are nervously wondering what Holliday might choose to muse about online next, now they’ve split,” the site reported.

Belichick may go through a breakup with his girlfriend, but he is ready to win

Belichick enters another challenging season. The Patriots didn’t make the big game last season and things didn’t go too well in the last few years. Team owner Robert Kraft is not too happy about this and some say Belichick may be on the hot seat heading into the new season.

Head coach Belichick is all-in when it comes to winning and he has great plans for the new season.

“It’s the same in that it’s so different, right?” Belichick told reporters. “I mean it’s the same, but you look at a team like Philadelphia, you get 20 games from last year, got a handful of games from this year where not a lot of players are playing that we’re going to see on Sunday. So, there’s certainly a lot of unknowns.

“I’m sure they’ll make a few adjustments and subtle changes like every team will do. I’m sure they’ll have a couple things cooked up for us that they think we’re vulnerable on. So, there is some of those that won’t show up until gameday. There probably will be a change or two in the lineup from what we think it’s going to be for whatever reason. So, we’ll be ready for those types of things, but that’s all a part of Opening Day.”