Bill Belichick Reportedly Has One Major Goal Before He Retires

The New England Patriots were lucky to have a legendary mind on their head coach position. Bill Belichick has been a dominant force in the NFL for almost three decades. A lot of people have speculated about his retirement, but coach B doesn’t seem to be going anywhere at this point. In fact, Belichick has one major goal to hit before he retires.

What could that be? He built a dynasty and many say he is the pillar in New England. The Patriots wouldn’t have been this successful without him. Belichick has been a head coach for 29 seasons and he is still going strong.

Where is Belichick going next? What’s next on his desk? Passing Don Shula’s record? Shula had 347 wins in his career as a NFL head coach and Belichick needs 18 more to pass him. Yes, we believe he has a good case to do so. Passing Shula would be the perfect revenge for the Patriots head coach. Let’s not forget that Shula talked stuff about him amid the Spygate scandal. We have a good feeling that Belichick will get the best part of this story.

Belichick will give his best shot before he retires

Christopher Price has a theory about Belichick’s determination to continue coaching the Patriots and it’s related to Shula. According to Pierce, Belichick won’t call it career before he passes Shula for all-time wins in NFL history.

“If I can’t whip you off the books with another perfect season, I’m going to do the next best thing, I’m going to take your all-time wins record,” Price said.

Belichick is the mastermind behind the Patriots dynasty and he’s been able to put strong teams together. He knows how to get his pearls in the mud and worked with some of the best players in the league.

The Patriots did have some struggles in the last few seasons and some linked this to Tom Brady’s departure. Robert Kraft is also frustrated with the final results of the last few seasons. Others may say Belichick is on the hot seat, but we’d say he is about to deliver his strongest shot.