Julian Edelman Claims Patriots’ Mac Jones ‘Lost His Confidence’

Julian Edelman was part of the New England Patriots for quite some time and he is familiar with every bit of the organization. The Patriots struggle more than ever and quarterback Mac Jones found himself in the hot seat. Again. Edelman watched the young quarterback struggle and shared his take on the situation.

Jones did a good job on the football field in his first season with the Patriots. However, things took a bad turn for the Alabama quarterback and Jones is in the middle of another frustrating season. Head coach Bill Belichick benched him multiple times in favor of backup quarterbacks. According to Edelman, the third-year quarterback has lost his confidence.

“It’s just been tough for Mac to execute in the high pressure situations and it comes down to his confidence,” the 2018 Super Bowl MVP said on “The Herd” on Thursday. “He’s lost his confidence, and once you lose your confidence in this league, it’s tough. … It sucks for him, but, you know, that’s what’s happened.”

Edelman was hones about Jones and NFL QB struggles

Patriots players struggle to make an impact and we cannot really place the blame on just one person. Jones may say it’s the receivers, but truth is, everyone needs to elevate their game. The Patriots have a 2-8 record at this point of the season.

Leading a NFL team is never easy. New England deals with issues in every bit of the game. The Patriots are losing games and critics go after Jones.

“If you’re a guy, you’re a guy,” Edelman explained. “I’m not gonna come out here and just bash on Мас. It’s been terrible for the whole unit — one play it’s the offensive line, one play the receiver slips, one play the receiver drops the ball, there’s a bad throw and collectively they’re not doing well. But this is the National Football League. If you don’t win, the quarterback and the head coach get the blame. When you do win, the quarterback and the head coach get the (credit).”

Rob Gronkowski shared his take on Jones as well. He believes that the quarterback should request a trade before Belichick sends him somewhere else.