Rob Gronkowski Says Mac Jones Should Ask For Release From Patriots

The New England Patriots have lost too many games so far in the season, but they wouldn’t just let it tank. Head coach Bill Belichick will do whatever it takes to ease the discomfort and help his players win. Cutting an inefficient player? Absolutely. He waived cornerback Jack Jones after the Week 10 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. The quarterback situation is still a mystery, but the Patriots may not go that far to release quarterback Mac Jones.

If you ask former tight end Rob Gronkowski, he would say that Jones should force his way out of New England before Belichick sends him flying.

Truth is, Jones’ struggles never ended. He was good in his rookie campaign with the team, but his second year as a Patriots starting quarterback was a mess. His struggles continued and Belichick benched him in favor of Bailey Zappe. The Patriots have yet to make a change at quarterback.

Jones to leave the Patriots before they release him

Gronkowski discussed the topic during his appearance on Up & Adams. He advised Jones to ask for a release if the Patriots don’t commit on the long run. If this happens, Jones could sign with the Cleveland Browns and replace Deshaun Watson.

This was a rather bold take and it is just Gronk giving out advices. Jones may be frustrated and disappointed, but he never showed willingness to leave the organization.

“I think Mac Jones should ultimately just go and ask for his release,” Gronkowski said. “Ask for his release and then he should go sign with the Cleveland Browns and start a new career right there.”

It may be an awkward scenario, but it could work for both sides. Maybe Jones would perform better somewhere else. Maybe the Patriots need a new name at center.

Jones was expected to have a good future in the NFL. He could still have one with another team. Let’s not forget that he earned a Pro Bowl selection after his first season with the Patriots and was really close to winning the Rookie of the Year award.