New Documentary Series About The Patriots Is Coming

The New England Patriots may be tanking their season, but fans are definitely excited about the documentary about the dynasty. It was time for something great to happen and fans had a chance to watch the trailer during the Bye week. The great story of the Patriots success will come to screens in the form of an emotional documentary.

“The Dynasty: New England Patriots” is 10-part series covering each side of the organization. It is set to release on Apple TV+ on Feb. 16. Fans got to watch the first trailer on Friday morning. Yes, it wasn’t too revealing, but it shows the Patriots and their celebration for the Super Bowl 53 win.

Patriots share great details in their documentary

Head coach Bill Belichick, former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and many others worked really hard to build a dynasty. They made nine Super Bowl appearances and won six titles. Things changed following the big Super Bowl win and the team had an unsuccessful title run in 2019. Brady’s departure made it worse. He decided to leave the Patriots in 2020 and signed a deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

As you may be guessing, Brady’s relationship with Belichick will be the key focal point of the series.

“These are the two titanic figures of the franchise, but they are two alphas,” a voiceover said in the trailer. “A collision was inevitable.”

This may fuel some of the theories regarding the rift between Brady and Coach B. Fans will also see more from team owner Robert Kraft. We will not hear a word from TB12 and Belichick, but we are definitely hearing Kraft speak. He did well in his speaking role.

“We were coming near the end and I was just trying to hold it together the best I could.”

This statement alone is enough to grab everyone’s attention. What happened in 2020? This documentary may answer all your questions related to the Patriots dynasty.