Patriots’ Kendrick Bourne Receives Positive Update After Undergoing Surgery On Torn ACL

NFL experts had high expectations from Kendrick Bourne before the start of the 2023 NFL season, but the talented player tore his ACL. This was supposed to be a good season for Bourne and he was more than ready for each challenge his opponents bring. Suffering an ACL tear is a nightmare for each player in the NFL as it is followed by an extended absence.

Bourne suffered his injury in Week 8 and brought his season to an end.

Head coach Bill Belichick had great expectations for Bourne as well. He was one of his better players and the most efficient receiver prior to the ACL tear. Bourne had 37 receptions for 406 yards and four touchdowns. Losing him to a severe injury was a big blow for the team and coaches struggled to fill the hole he left on the football field.

Bourne had to undergo a surgery to fix his body and he has even started off a rehab. He could have a successful season in 2024, depending on the outcome of his rehab. Players have suffered similar injuries only to come back stronger than before.

Bourne may not be a Patriot after suffering an ACL tear

This injury happened at the worst time possible as Bourne’s deal with the Patriots ends in the offseason. His tenure with the Patriots had its ups and downs and Belichick may think twice before keeping him around. Will the Patriots re-sign Bourne after the season? There are so many questions we’d like to ask, but having him healthy is definitely a top priority.

The 2021 NFL season was a breakout season for Bourne, but he struggled in 2022.

There’s another catch. Bourne was set to get a really big deal in the offseason, but this injury may affect his value on the open market. Some teams may doubt Bourne’s readiness to perform at a high level again following the season. We’d say it’s too soon to jump into conclusions. Let’s see how this rehab goes.